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Camping in Himachal

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Camping Regions in Himachal Pradesh : Himachal Tourism Department organizes camps at Sarchu in Lahaul, in addition to this tents are available at Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur and at Kaza in Spiti. The Youth hostel association of India has its camps in Himachal Pradesh at Dulhousie (Chamba) and at Kullu-Manali. Besides, several private companies run their camps at Baspa (Sangla) valley, at Kalpa (Kinnaur), at Tabo (Spiti), at Al Hilal (Taragarh), at Shoja near Kullu and Mashobra, at Baldian near Shimla and at Dharamsala in Kangra.

Camping in Barog
Situated in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Barog is the only hill station in India with a registered camping site. Boparais organization is running a camping site at Barog on Chandigarh-Shimla highway. You can reach the Barog camps by a car or other motorable vehicles. En-route, you will get a spectacular view of Solan valley and also the picturesque Choor Chandani hill range of the Himalayas.

Developed on the lines of European camping sites, the camps at Barog are equipped with all basic facilities that provide you a memorable stay. In addition, you may go for a walk across the verdant valleys bursting with flowers, fruits, chirping of birds and colourful butterflies.

Some Handy Tips for Camping
1. Essential gears for camping in Himachal Pradesh are sufficient food, fuel, clothes etc. Besides, you should carry a thermos of hot tea, knife, space blanket, first aid kit, match boxes, candle or fire starter blocks, flashlight, water purification tablets, filter, route map, compass etc.
2. Always go for a bigger tent as you need lots of internal space on a winter trip for all the bulky items you are carrying. You may also get snowed in winter and need to spend a lot more time in the tent so choose high quality tent.
3. Do not cook food in a tent because there are chances to asphyxiate yourself from accumulated carbon monoxide.
4. You should carry a water bottle with a wide mouth, otherwise the mouth will easily freeze up.
5. You should brush off all the snow from your clothes and boots with whisk broom before getting into the tent at night.
6. At night keep your boots in your sleeping bag stuff sack and place the stuff sack between your legs to prevent them from freezing.
7. Get warm before you get into your sleeping bag. Go for a night jog or play an active game or do some jumping jacks so your heat is built up for when you get in your bed.
8. Strip off your layers of clothing to what will be adjustable in your sleeping bag. Too much clothing can compress dead air space in the sleeping bag and reduce its effectiveness.
9. If you are going in windy areas or leaving your tents during day excursions always stake your tent down.

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